The jail is not part of the Sheriff's Department. The Comanche County Detention Center is operated as a Facilities Authority under the direction of the County Commissioners.

The telephone number for the Detention Facility is 580-250-1902.


The dispatching of emergency services, to include the Sheriff's Office, is conducted by a consolidated E-911 dispatch center operated by the CIty of Lawton. Dispatch can be reached by calling 355-9303 or 911. You can call the Sheriff's Office and we will transfer your call to dispatch.


The service fee for civil documents is $50. For additional details, please see the "Civil Process" section of this website.


Sheriff Sales are not currently available on our web page.


1. Does the certificate from my firearms class expire?
No, the certificate is non-expiring. However, if you are applying under the terms of the expired renewal, you will be required to retake the firearms safety course and go through the entire application process.

2. Am I exempt from the firearms safety course if I am military?
Not necessarily as it up to the certified firearms safety course instructor to determine whether or not you are exempt.

3. Can I apply for an Oklahoma Concealed Carry license if I am a military dependant?
Yes, provided Oklahoma is your state of residence.

4. What does "state of residence" mean?
"State of residence" means you have an Oklahoma driver license or state issued identification card and you pay Oklahoma taxes.

5. What happens if I get a letter stating my fingerprints have been rejected?
Return to the Sheriff's Office any day of the week and you will be re-fingerprinted. If your fingerprints are rejected a second time, you have the option of being fingerprinted at another law enforcement agency or to go to the OSBI in Oklahoma City for fingerprinting.

6. What happens if I falsify my application?
Your application will be returned to you. You may re-submit with correct information following all new application procedures. All fees paid are non-refundable.

7. What is the $25 payment to the Sheriff's Office for?
The fee is to cover fingerprinting, background checks and processing.

8. Does Oklahoma honor a valid carry concealed permit from another state?
Yes, Oklahoma honors all valid carry concealed licenses from all other states.

9. If I am active duty military and I move on a permanent change of station (PCS), will my Oklahoma concealed carry license remain valid?
As long as you are a resident of Oklahoma, the license is valid. If Oklahoma is not your state of residence, the license becomes invalid.