Carry weapons permits are issued by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation under the provisions of Oklahoma Law Title 21 Section 1290, which is known as the Oklahoma Self Defense Act. Any person applying for a carry handgun license must, per Title 21, Section 1290.9:

1. Be a citizen of the United States;
2. Establish a residency in the State of Oklahoma. For the purpose of the Oklahoma Self Defense Act, the term residency shall apply to any person who either possesses a valid Oklahoma driver license or state photo identification card and physically resides in this state or has permanent military orders within this state and possesses a valid driver license from another state where such person claims residency;
3. Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age;
4. Complete a firearms safety and training course and demonstrate competence and qualifications with the type of pistol to be carried by the person as provided in Section 1290.14 of this title, and submit proof of training and qualification or an exemption for training and qualification as authorized by section 1290.14 of this title;
5. Submit the required fee and the application process as provided in section 1290.12 of this title, and
6. Comply in good faith with the provisions of the Self Defense Act."


1. There are numerous preclusions to license issue which are outlined in Title 21, Section 1290.10 and 1290-11. You may obtain the laws involved and the application at the following web site:   Concealed Weapons Licensing.
Please note: you must actually sign the application at the Sheriff's Office during processing. Use BLACK ink only on the application.
2. Once you have verified your eligibility under the law, you should proceed with the required training. Persons authorized to conduct the training are listed on the above web site. Upon completion of the required training you will be issued a CLEET Certificate of Training.
3. Obtain two (2) color passport photos (You can obtain these at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, a Tag Agency). OSBI will NOT accept personally printed photos.
4. Obtain proper payment as follows:

a. A money order or cashier's check payable to OSBI as follows:
(1) A five (5) year license is $100
(2) A ten (10) year license is $200
b. A separate money order or a cashier's check (NO CREDIT CARD) payable to the Comanche County Sheriff's Department in the amount of $25.

5. Your next stop will be the Comanche County Sheriff's Office for processing. If you are not a resident of Comanche County then you MUST process your packet thru the Sheriff's Office in the county of your residence.

PLEASE NOTE: Processing is done only on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 4 pm.

You must have the following items to be processed:

a. Your completed application form
b. Your original CLEET Training Certificate (this will be sent to OSBI). Copies will not be accepted.
c. Your passport photos
d. Your fee to OSBI
e. Your fee for the Comanche County Sheriff's Office
f. Your Oklahoma driver license (or state identification card) or military orders if not an Oklahoma resident.

6. Your packet will be reviewed, you will sign the application and you will be fingerprinted during the processing. Fingerprints taken at other agencies will not be accepted.
7. The Comanche County Sheriff's Office will complete a local background check and submit your application packet to OSBI. The Sheriff's Office is authorized 14 days by law to accomplish this process.
8. Once your application packet is received by the OSBI, they will conduct another background check, verify your fingerprints and complete the licensing process. The OSBI is permitted 120 days for this action.
9. Once the license is granted, the license will be forwarded to the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office will notify you by phone that your license has arrived. You may then pick up your license upon display of your driver license or state ID card.
10. If the license is denied by the OSBI, you will be contacted by mail with an explanation.
11. All fees paid, regardless of license action is non-refundable.


1. Does the certificate from my firearms class expire? No, the certificate is non-expiring. However, if you are applying under the terms of the expired renewal, you will be required to retake the firearms safety course and go through the entire application process.

2. Am I exempt from the firearms safety course if I am military? Not necessarily as it up to the certified firearms safety course instructor to determine whether or not you are exempt.

3. Can I apply for an Oklahoma Concealed Carry license if I am a military dependant? Yes, provided Oklahoma is your state of residence.

4. What does "state of residence" mean? "State of residence" means you have an Oklahoma driver license or state issued identification card and you pay Oklahoma taxes.

5. What happens if I get a letter stating my fingerprints have been rejected? Return to the Sheriff's Office any day of the week and you will be re-fingerprinted. If your fingerprints are rejected a second time, you have the option of being fingerprinted at another law enforcement agency or to go to the OSBI in Oklahoma City for fingerprinting.

6. What happens if I falsify my application? Your application will be returned to you. You may re-submit with correct information following all new application procedures. All fees paid are non-refundable.

7. What is the $25 payment to the Sheriff's Office for? The fee is to cover fingerprinting, background checks and processing.

8. Does Oklahoma honor a valid carry concealed permit from another state? Yes, Oklahoma honors all valid carry concealed licenses from all other states.

9. If I am active duty military and I move on a permanent change of station (PCS), will my Oklahoma concealed carry license remain valid? As long as you are a resident of Oklahoma, the license is valid. If Oklahoma is not your state of residence, the license becomes invalid.